What if Life was a Movie?


How to approach challenges that Life brings?

Eckhart Tolle has a short video on youtube called What if Life was a Movie? I really love that video, I find it very funny and true. Eckhart says we don´t like to watch a movie where nothing goes wrong. We like to go to see a movie where something challenging happens and the hero has to overcome it. If that happens to us in life - something challenging happens and we are meant to overcome it - we often don´t enjoy our *life movie* so much....

In life sometimes things go wrong or a different way then we would like to. Life happens and we cannot always influence what is happening but we can decide how we experience it, what would be our attitude towards to what is happening. That is our power, I believe. 

Our attitude comes from our mindset - from a set of unconscious beliefs and our conscious beliefs, values and principles. If those two parts of the mindset are in unison and in our favour, we feel a peace of mind. If not, we feel friction and resistance. One of very nice tools is journaling, writting down what do I really believe, what are the values I want to have in my life and what principles do I want my life to live by? Then look and asses, does my life reflect what my values, principles and beliefs are? Human learning and development requires some work and effort, not done in a hard way, but done with softnes and appreciation of one´s own life.